About Us

About Us

One thing that sets Proclaim Publishers apart from other companies is their mission. We enlist authors to write works that will enrich the lives of Christians and conform them more closely to the image of Jesus Christ. There is no payment or commission given to the authors, but 100% of the earnings are donated to church planting in countries across the world where Christians face persecution. Jesus’s instruction to his disciples was to “give freely, just as you have received freely” (Mt 10:8).

Many Christian publishers depend on agents and profits and other things that are dependent on many things that might be barriers to solid Christian content getting published. For the most part, we carry no overhead. We are a non-profit company under the auspices of Mecca to Christ International.

We are an organization that does not seek to make a profit for ourselves; any profit that is made as a result of our publication will not benefit anyone other than the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus. The majority of the money that is raised will be used to support church planting and mission work in areas that have not yet been reached.

Would you be interested in becoming a member of the Proclaim Publishers team? If you are a pastor, teacher, or other Christian leader, or if you have a story to tell about how you came to know Christ, please contact us so that we can get your book printed. If you have a story to tell about how you came to know Christ, we would also be interested in hearing it.

You can view some of our work through various outlets such as Amazon, Barns & Nobel , Walmart, and other outlets. If you are interested in hearing more about where to buy our products, please contact us.